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Conversation Openers

Conversation Openers

Conversation Openers

The dating scene can be a pretty scary prospect for both men and women.   This is further exacerbated if you are new to this process. To help ease the pain and stress associated with easing back in to the dating scene, here are some dating advice and tips. The all-important beginning of any relationship is through conversations openers.

Importance of Conversation Openers

As with any experience or process there is a beginning.  The beginning for dating begins with conversation openers.  When beginning the conversation, it is important to remember there are no second first impressions.

Also, it is important to remember that Conversation Openers begin even before verbal communication starts.  Conversation Openers begin with your attitude, your looks, the way you are groomed, etc.  Therefore, it may be beneficial not to have a piece of chive lodged between your teeth or your breath announcing who you are before you do.

In addition, Conversation Openers set the tone and the relationship level of interest from the on start.  Consequently talking about your medication or physical ailment may not be the appropriate conversation opener.

Practical Tips

Practical tips of beginning the conversation could include beginning discussions on a variety of subjects and topics.  First of all a simple straightforward introduction of yourself to the individual is a good beginning.  Don’t assume you are welcome, but ask if it is alright to join that individual with whom you wish to converse with.

Small talk is appropriate such as do you come here often or about the weather.  It is always best to stay away from typical “pick up” lines.

Above all be genuine, be yourself and try not to impress or put on airs.


A very important part of conversation openers is to learn how to listen.  By listening to the other person or through observation, one can be made aware of what the individual is interested in.  For example, if they have a book or textbook, reference can be made about the book or the subject of the text and begin the conversation opener at that point.  In other words, don’t start with anything conversations too personal.

When listening give your undivided attention to the other individual listening for common likes and dislikes.  Additionally, by listening attentively, you are indicating to the other person that what they have to say is important.  This discipline will serve one well in the dating process.

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