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Dating Without Drama

Dating Without Drama

Dating Without Drama

The dating process today has ignited a craze, sparking dozens of books and websites stocked with dating advice for Dating Without Drama. Among all of these products preaching their words as the only way to date correctly, it can be difficult to find some truth or successful approaches—especially when it comes to avoid stress and worry throughout the whole process. To find true advice, one needs to look at one’s choices and desires, and those of the person of interest.


The Approach

Your approach on dating can have a huge influence on what happens during the course of a relationship. If you find yourself reluctant or skeptical about dating, these feelings may come up and cause trouble between both parties—so it’s important to dive into a relationship with a positive attitude. Some of the reluctance and skepticism can arise from clinging on to a ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, so many dating experts recommend waiting for a new relationship until you are independent enough, to avoid the phrase, “The best way to get over someone is to get onto someone else.” Likewise, if a potential interest is carrying the weight of an ex with them, it may be best to tell them to take care of their issues before dating. Waiting a certain amount of time will give you time to organize your thoughts and opinions on certain people, and prevent any potential future decisions that could ruin a relationship or generate commotion.


Common Mistakes

One common mistake that daters make is to make decisions too impulsively and instantly jump for the “bad boy” or the “bad girl,” when sometimes this may not be the best decision in the long run, leading to unnecessary drama and trouble. It is also crucial to avoid touchy subjects on the first (or the first few) dates: many topics like politics, religion, or ex-boyfriends or girlfriends can spark angst and uncomfortable feelings, something that neither party wants to feel with a potential flame. Conversation is one of the most important parts of a relationship, so remember to be open-minded, tolerant, and kind. This can also help avoid what is known as “verbal diarrhea,” the outpouring of anything and everything without a filter. Keep the conversation clean and friendly, and get to know each other well. It can be hard to find true advice in the age of rampant self-help books and websites, so in Dating Without Drama it is important to stay true to yourself, and be cautious.

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