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First Date Advice

First Date Advice

First Date Advice

First dates can be fun, exciting, and nerve wracking, all at the same time. We’ve all heard stories about the couple that met and fell in love instantly on the first date. We’ve also heard the horror stories of first dates that end in embarrassing moments or the complete lack of attraction between the couple. Whether you’re being set up on a blind date or finally going out with someone you’ve had your eye on, check out this First Date Advice to make it a good one.

First Date Advice – Be Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than trying to focus on your date while you’re preoccupied with the shoes that are pinching your toes. Choose an outfit that makes you feel good because when you feel good, you look good. Being comfortable is about more than just your clothes and shoes. Making plans to hang out at a place you’ve been before or doing an activity you enjoy will help to put you at ease.

Calm Down

First date jitters are normal, but don’t let them make you crazy. Take some time to relax before heading out. Play your favorite music and sing along while getting dressed. Call a friend for a pep talk and First Date Advice. Have a glass of wine…but just one! You don’t want to meet your date smelling like alcohol and struggling to stand up straight. And remember, your date is probably just as nervous as you are.

Be You

The first time you meet someone, you obviously want to make a good first impression. However, you don’t want to be so wrapped up in impressing your date that you forget to be yourself. If you fake an interest in a new hobby or talk up a made-up job to make yourself sound more interesting or successful, will you keep up the act throughout an entire relationship? That could get tricky, fast. Stick with the truth and trust that the other person will want to know all about the real you.

It’s All About Attitude

The best First Date Advice is to go into it with one goal: to have fun. Take the pressure off by reminding yourself that you’re going on this date to have a good time and maybe meet someone that you click with. If it doesn’t go well, big deal. You still got to get dressed up, get out of the house, and have a fun night. If it does go well, even better! Start planning for date number two!

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