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People You Do not Want To Get Relationship Tips From

Relationship Tips

Relationship Tips

When it comes to asking friends and family for their take on relationships, you simply do not want to put yourself thru the pain and suffering from asking such questions from people who might be judgemental of your relationship. If someone does not like your spouse or significant other, they might say something that could hinder your relationship with them. Here is a list of people you should not ask relationship questions of.

Your Sister

I know the whole theory of you can tell your sister anything is appealing and you want to ask her advice on some Relationship Tips but the fact of the matter is that should she tell you something that you do not want to hear, it could cause a strain on your relationship. You do not want to strain your relationship with someone as dear to you as your sister.

 Your Best Friend

I know most people feel that they can talk about anything with their best friend and in many cases, this is true however the downside to that is that it tends to cause a problem when you are talking to them about relationships. You have been there most likely in the past. Perhaps you spotted your best friends boyfriend out with another girl and went to tell her about it and she got mad saying that you simply didn’t like him and was making something up. This is the type of conflict that you want to avoid when seeking Relationship Tips.

Your Mother

A mother is always right in her own mind and her own right. The Relationship Tips that she will give are most likely to never trust in your man. Most mothers have been burned by a man a time or two and since divorce rates are so high these days, most mothers do not want their daughters involved with a man that they do not approve of which in most cases is the significant other involved at the moment. Lets face it, mother’s don’t approve of their daughters relationships 75% of the time. Therefore the person you are asking about at the moment is most likely someone she does not like. Keep that in mind when asking about your relationship.


When you seek relationship tips, try asking someone else that you would typically never think of asking. Try asking for another male perspective rather than your female friends. A male is most likely going to tell you what you want to hear because they are not as emotional as what a female is.





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