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Step 3: How To Make A Good Dating Profile

good dating profile

good dating profile

Everybody wants a good dating profile. Having a good looking profile photo and interesting text in your profile will, of course, make people want to visit your profile. So it is of vital importance for you to know what people like. This article will give you an idea on how to set up your profile successfully and get more success in on-line dating.

The secret to making a good dating profile picture

Various researches show that people browsing on a dating site always look at the profile picture first and then they will read what you have to say. So your profile picture can make or break your success in on-line dating!

“What is a good profile picture”, you might ask yourself…

A good profile picture should convey that you’re a person that people can trust and most important that you’re truly happy with your life. Both of these characteristics are found to be sexy and attractive. Making a good profile picture is about balance, do try too hard to look a certain way. Because looking unnatural is not sexy. Try to actually become happy and overcome your insecurity issues, as mentioned in step 1.

So, what are examples that make you look like you’re trying too hard to impress?

  • Pictures of you showing off your muscles too much
  • Wearing sunglasses on most of your pictures
  • Attention grabbing Photoshop edits
  • Pictures of you with a lot of girls/men (depends on your sexual preference)
  • Pictures of yourself from years ago
  • Do not include photos of yourself with more attractive friends!


  • Show pictures of yourself with pets, if they are cute and cuddly. If you happen to be a herpetologist or something don’t show these pictures.
  • Include pictures of yourself doing cool stuff, but don’t overdo it by posting 10 pictures of yourself skateboarding, think about your target and what they would like to see.
  • Try to wear nice clothing in your pictures, especially girls are really sensitive about this.
  • Include at least one full body picture, it’s not only about how you look but that you’re not hiding any major defects.

What to write in a dating profile

Deciding what to write can be tricky. Overall it’s a good idea to try to imagine yourself into the people reading your profile, how would the introduction come across to them? On the following website you will find a clear explanation on how to build your profile. Generally it comes down to that it is a good idea to stand out from the crowd and don’t say what thousands of other users are saying. Starting your profile with I am: smart, nice, attractive, etc, will make your profile look really generic. Try to write loosely and be spontaneous through your writing, it will pay off.

Getting traffic to your profile

If you want to have a good dating profile, you need traffic. Various dating sites give you various opportunities to put your digital footprint or their site. For example, in Okcupid you have the opportunity to answer tons of questions for everyone to read, you can even give your own original responds to questions. Another smart thing to do is to regularly update your profile with new interesting photo’s and new information about yourself, this will raise people’s curiosity and will likely revisit your profile. Also you can visit people’s profiles, they will visit you back out of natural curiosity. Off course you can also send an email to them, more about this subject in the next article.


With the tips provided in this article you should be able to set up a good dating profile and generate ‘traffic’ to your it. It is important to have the right profile picture to be successful because that is what your visitors will be seeing first. Remember that your profile is your business card and you will attract what you convey.

Step 4: First Email

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