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Step 6: How To Attract A Girl You Like

How To Attract A Girl You Like

How To Attract A Girl You Like

After you got your target to be willing to actually meet you it is important that you have a basic understanding how to attract a girl you like during dating. This article will guide you through this process with some examples and will teach you basic aspects you can apply to yourself that will be attractive to women.

Non verbal communication

First impressions are of vital importance, your date only needs a second to determine whether or not she likes you. Experts also say that 75% of your communication towards others is non verbal. Which means that it is not really important what you say, but it is more important how you are conveying your message. Most men who are unsuccessful in attracting a partner lack knowledge about non verbal communication, also called body language. Also in normal life it is extremely important to poses this trait. People with a lack of knowledge about body language have trouble seeing whether or not the other person is bored and uninterested. This lowers the chances of having a positive interaction, with all the potential negative consequences that may lead to.

Body Language Do’s and don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to body language and dating.


  • Move slowly, controlled and natural.
  • Talk with a deep, natural voice.
  • Have a straight, confident posture.
  • Look a woman straight in the eyes a few times until the she look’s way, this is a sign she acknowledges your dominance. This is vital for building attraction. However, do not overdo this or you will come across as creepy. Have good overall eyecontact.
  • Try to mirror your date’s body language, this will generate rapport through body language


  • Making unexpected fast movement’s, this will come across as nervousness and strange
  • Avoiding eye contact, liars tend to do this
  • Fiddling with something, this indicates nervousness and is not attractive
  • Do not physically hang over her too much, be a little distant and let her come to you. Don’t overdo this though and you will look very insecure

It is important to realize that attraction doesn’t have to be generated in one single date alone, sometimes it will take several dates in order to achieve attraction. So, don’t panic if the first date wasn’t everything you expected from it. As long as you had a good time together and see potential, a follow up date will still be a great opportunity to make things even more interesting!


Indicators she is attracted to you

By now you should be starting to realize the vital importance of body language. In this section we will tell you the indicators you should look for to check if your date is feeling attraction for you or not.

  • She wants to be close to you
  • Playing with hair
  • Moisturizing her lips with her tongue
  • Fiddling gently with objects
  • Looking at your mouth
  • Laughing at everything you say
  • Touching her neck
  • Willingness to walk arm in arm with you
  • Giving you compliments

Building Rapport

An interesting technique you can try is to immediately act like you know your date for years already. For example, when you meet your date act like she is your best friend. She will be surprised at first but it’s very likely that your date will copy your behavior which will result in instant rapport!

Another effective way to build rapport is to mirror the state of mind your date currently has. Try to match the tone of her voice, her posture, movements, language and energy level in a natural way. You could even make a cheeky joke about some possible quirks your date processes. For instance, if you see that your date is constantly scratching her nose, you can mirror this in a funny way and she will be likely laugh. :) Another funny example would be if your date is using some unusual words during a conversation that you also will use these words when talking back to her. Try to exaggerate a little in a funny, cheeky, respectful way. This will probably make her smile. Again, big chance to get instant rapport. If not, she is probably not worth your time since she is no fun to be around.

The next technique you can try to build rapport though is to share something personal with your date early on, this will make her a feeling of obligation to return a favor and tell something about herself too. Also communicating commonalities with your date is perfect for building instant rapport.


If you are unsure about how to attract a girl you like it is important for you to know the basics of body language. This will make you give a rough indication whether or not the date is going the in right direction. Also, there are a few handy techniques to build instant rapport with your date that will increase the chance of success greatly. But as mentioned earlier, try to be natural and confident. A bad actor is spotted easily and this will have bad consequences. Also it is important to keep in mind that it’s normal to date a couple of times before real attraction is happening.

Step 7: Closing The Deal With Women

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  1. Tao Paul

    Some men were born handsome, a few were born with great sense of humor, while others were born with only these three things and they made use of it to its greatest extent thus resulting to lucky streaks with girls.

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