Jul 19

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Online Dating Statistics

There is an interesting article about Online Dating Statistics with some interesting conclusions but also one very confusing fact. The results of the survey seem to indicate that “nice guys” are the most popular type of men women are looking for. We strongly disagree with this statistic and we will explain why in this article.

Nice Guys

Online Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics

According to the article women are looking for nice guys:

Nice Guys 38 %
Bad Guys 15 %
Blend of Both 34 %
Any man I can get 6 %

It seems like there is a big difference in what women are looking for and what actually attracts women. A nice guy is traditionally not considered to be very attractive by women because they are not challenging and confident enough. So it is strange that the statistics tell otherwise. Our conclusion is that the term “nice guy” mentioned in the article is a totally different “nice guy”. Perhaps women have difficulty putting their feeling into terms when it comes to describing their perfect mate. Also “bad guys” have a negative load in this survey that will influence women to choose “nice guys”. It would have been better of women had different options to choose from in this survey. The results in this article about Online Dating Statistics would be a lot different.

Our suggestion would have been to give the following options:

– Quiet Guys
– Challenging Guys
– Bad Guys
– Any Man I Can Get

This way the characteristics of the men is better described and will lead to a better understanding what women are after in on-line dating. Our prediction would be that “Challenging Guys” would be most popular, which is completely different from “Nice Guys”.

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  1. Viktor

    Isn’t it the same Challanging Guys ad Bad Guys? As for me if you removed Nice Guys and gave another explanation of the term than Bad Guys also should be replaced!!!

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