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Step 1: Dealing With Insecurity


Dealing with insecurity

Men who are confident about themselves often have more luck and success and are better in dealing with insecurity.

‘How do I get more confident‘, you might ask yourself…

The answer to that is for the most part knowledge and experience. We all remember how scary it was to drive a car for the first time, after a couple of years driving you don’t feel any anxiety anymore. The same principle applies to dating. You will get better at it through experience and knowledge. This website aims to help you get more confidence through knowledge which will result in less insecurity.

Keep it cool

In order to have any success in dating it is important that you are able to keep your head cool. There are so many men who are unaware that they are conveying their desperation through their interaction with women off- and on-line. As you may know, women don’t like desperate men!

Dealing with insecurity

Many man who are having difficulties attracting women are afraid that they will end up alone. If you are one if them, don’t worry too much about being alone all of your life because you won’t! There are countless nice women out there that would love to meet you, in fact, you will not be able to meet all of them even if you had 10 lifetimes… So forget that you are not attractive and will never find the right person, because you will if you put your mind to it. You just have to work on yourself a little. The first step is Dealing With Insecurity and start believing in yourself.

For example: If you have trouble with insecurity, try doing things that you are unsure of. It is a proven fact that if you face your fears, your confidence will rise too! It’s all about facing your fears. One you conquered a fear y

Off course it is not a good idea to go bungee jumping right away, instead take small steps. Buy that dog that you always wanted, be more open to people, start enjoying life and your confidence (and perfect woman) will come with it.

Know what you’re doing

As mentioned earlier, dating requires knowledge. Especially if you haven’t had that much (romantic) social interaction with women in your life. Now it is time for you to catch up and read through the articles on this for some basic advice on how to be successful in dating (and life), knowledge is power!


So in order for you reach your goals and start Dealing With Insecurity you should use a simple formula: face your fears, start with the small ones and work and work it up gradually + knowing what women want and like = success in dating (and life). It is really that simple and a lot of poor guys over analyze everything too much, which can result in not having any success at all!

Step 2: Recommended Dating Sites

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